Product Review of the Intelli-Cut 530D Stack Paper Cutter

Intelli-Cut 530D Manual Paper Cutter

The Intelli-Cut 530D: Delivers quality stack paper cutting at an affordable price

Are you looking for a stack paper cutter with near the MBM Triumph brand quality, but somewhat more affordable? The Intelli-Cut 530D stack paper cutter delivers with precise stack cutting at a highly affordable price. This budget-friendly model includes several high-end features that approach the competition. The 530D, at first glance, looks somewhat akin to the Triumph 4305 paper cutter model, and boasts very similar features.

This includes an easy-to-adjust backstop with a backlit LCD display for precise measurements. The display may be set to indicate one of three measurement units including inches, centimeters and millimeters. The maximum cutting width measures 17 inches. Cutting capacity is a 1.5-inch stack of copy paper.

The cutting handle on the 530D is easy to operate, thus making paper cutting simple and nearly effortless. The unit’s paper backstop is adjusted manually by turning a convenient spindle handle on the front of the machine. Pulling on a separate handle enables the paper clamp to prevent slippage and cutting errors. The machine features a laser line to further ensure precise paper placement for accurate cutting.
The 530D paper cutter includes a blade replacement tool to safely remove a dull blade for sharpening. The cutting stick is simple to replace, thanks to a convenient access port on the left side of the machine.

Intelli-Cut paper cutters are designed to help you save time and money. Intelli-Zone brand products provide an efficient way to streamline daily office operations. Intelli-Zone delivers exceptional value at low prices. Our products are engineered for simple use and quick set up. Several models boast high-end features at that fraction of the cost of name brand equipment.

Be sure to contact your authorized Intelli-Zone dealer today to order the Intelli-Cut 530D stack paper cutter.

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