The Attraction of the Intelli-Fold DE-112AF Paper Folder

Intelli-Fold DE-112AF paper folding machine

The Intelli-Fold DE-112AF paper folding machine will steal your heart.

This is a love story. The love story of the paper folding machine that captured my heart. OK, OK … just a few sentimental words in anticipation of Valentines Day next week. But seriously, the Intelli-Fold DE-112AF paper folding machine is a little model that will easily steal away your heart. The DE-112AF boasts a wide assortment of functions, features and conveniences not found in competing models in its price range. This is a paper folder that combines cost-savings, efficiency and quality in a highly affordable design … and who wouldn’t love that?

The DE-112AF is the multi-purpose paper folder of choice for office workers looking for ease of use and improved employee efficiency. This is also a highly affordable paper folding unit that most small offices can afford. The DE-112AF features an ample 500 sheet feed tray. This means significant timesavings. Unwrapping a new ream of paper and loading it into the hopper takes time, and besides, it’s a hassle.
The machine has the capability of performing over a half dozen different folds including: Single fold, Half Accordion fold, Double Parallel fold, Z fold, Letter fold and Gate fold. A convenient built-in jam detection system alerts you when a jam has occurred, with noticeable audible warning sounds.

A standout feature with the 112AF is its impressive exit tray conveyor system with stainless steel stacker wheels. This feature alone sets this model far ahead of the competition. The conveyor ensures folded material is organized and stays in order. The 112AF will half-fold up to 6,000 pieces of 8-1/2” x 11” copy paper in one hour. The Intelli-Fold DE-112AF has written a truly passionate office automation love story that will last for the ages. Be sure to order yours from your Intelli-Zone dealer today.

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