Intelli-Cut Manual Stack Paper Cutters

Intelli-Zone Intelli-Cut 580D Paper Cutter

The Intelli-Cut 580D stack paper cutter performs with the best manual stack paper cutters on the market today.

Intelli-Cut Manual Stack Paper Cutters

Quality Intelli-Cut paper cutters provide dependability and highly competitive pricing. It’s difficult to find a line of manual stack cutters that offer the features and value found with Intelli-Cut paper cutters. Several of our manual stack cutter models boast high-end operating features including user-friendly digital displays for backstop adjustments and optical cutting lines for accurate cuts. Intelli-Cut manual stack paper cutters are constructed with durable metal parts and are engineered to endure continuous, daily use.

Intelli-Cut 530M Manual Stack Paper Cutter

The Intelli-Cut 530M is remarkably easy to use and requires little training and set-up to operate. The model 530M stack paper cutter is a popular choice with our customers who require an affordable, yet consistently performing machine. The 530M features a dependable, sharp blade that makes continuous paper cutting an easy task. The cutter’s backstop makes possible quick paper trimming adjustments in merely seconds. The 530M manual stack paper cutter not only delivers competitive paper cutting quality, but is also offers an affordable alternative to competing stack cutters.

Intelli-Cut 530D Manual Stack Paper Cutter

The Intelli-Cut 530D delivers consistent, quality stack cutting at a competitive price. The model 530D cutter boasts several high-end features, not commonly found in competing models in its price range. The 530D’s easy-to-adjust backstop saves significant stack cutting time. The machine also includes an LCD display to ensure precise cutting measurements. The 530D boasts a user-friendly cutting handle that offers effortless and simple paper cutting. The unit’s backstop is adjusted manually. You can simply turn a spindle handle on the front of the machine to ensure a secure paper stack for accurate cutting.

Intelli-Cut 580M Manual Stack Paper Cutter

The Intelli-Cut 580M features an effective, affordable way to cut stacks of paper in very little time. The model 580M paper stack cutter boasts a deep cutting capacity of almost three inches. The 580M’s operator-friendly handle offers maximum cutting force with little strain or effort. The machine’s sturdy paper clamp provides a tight paper stack, thus delivering accurate results with each cut. The paper clamp will even prevent slippage of coated paper during the entire cutting process. A built-in optical cutting line may also be used to help adjust the paper backstop. This helps the machine operator know exactly where the blade will make the cut into the stack of paper.

Intelli-Cut 580D Manual Stack Paper Cutter

The manually operated Intelli-Cut 580D stack paper cutter is the ideal, affordable model for industrial manual stack cutting. The 580D boasts solid metal construction, thus ensuring longevity and extreme cutting precision. The 580D comes with a 2.95-inch stack cutting capacity. The machine is capable of slicing through paper, card stock, coated paper, report covers and more. The unit’s paper stack backstop is manually adjusted, yet extremely precise. The cutter also has an LCD measurement display with optical cutting line that delivers accurate, professional results with each stroke. The 580D cutter performs with the best manual stack paper cutters on the market today.

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