Intelli-Bind IC210A Coil Binding Machine Review

Intelli-Zone Intelli-Bind IC210A

The IC210A coil binding machine is easy to use economically priced.

If you require a tabletop binder for low-volume projects, the Intelli-Bind IC210A Coil Binding Machine is an excellent option. The IC210A is lightweight, portable, takes up very little space, and may be used on any office desk, countertop or table. This model is ideal for light-volume document punching and binding. The IC210A is versatile in several environments such as home or a business. This easy-to-use coil binding machine punches paper in a 4:1 pitch hole pattern. The IC210A features a paper punching capacity of approximately 10 sheets of 20 lb. paper at a time. Be sure to contact your authorized Intelli-Zone dealer today to purchase the Intelli-Bind IC210A Coil Binding machine.

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