Intelli-Bind IC110 Coil Binding Machine Review

Intelli-Bind IC110 Coil Binding Machine by Intelli-Zone

The Intelli-Bind IC110 Coil Binding Machine is affordable and feature-rich.

The Intelli-Bind IC110 is an affordable, yet feature-rich coil binding machine that will meet most of your coil binding needs. The IC110 can punch 4:1 pitch holes (four holes per inch) in 8-12 sheets of standard paper at a time, depending upon the paper weight used. It may be used to bind school assignments, booklets, office reports and other critical documents. The IC110 coil binder is lightweight, compact, portable and simple to use. The IC110 even includes an electric coil inserter, not commonly found with machines in this price range. The unit also features an adjustable margin depth guide to ensure accurate paper punching. Be sure to ask your authorized Intelli-Zone dealer about the Intelli-Bind IC110 Coil Binding Machine today.

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